Pause, Breathe, Taste© for professionals and interested audience

Pause, Breathe, Taste©

Whether you are studying wine, are a sommelier, involved in making, selling, promoting wine or interested in looking at tasting under an innovative angle this workshop is deemed to complement formal wine learning and offer an opportunity to optimise your wine appreciation and analysis.


This workshop is in two parts;
*the first part; an introduction to the principles and mechanism of how olfaction works and how it interacts with our senses at the cognitive and neurological level. Understanding of how proper Yogic breathing can be a supportive tool towards acquisition and memorisation of knowledge and sensations.

*the second part; the participants are invited to experience their senses through a specific meditation. Then, appropriate Yogic breathing techniques will be practised (Pause), before being guided through visualisation to a sensorial wine tasting (Breathe). This will be followed by the tasting itself glass in hand (Taste).

The workshop will close with a Q & A wine-themed session. An invitation to discuss about wine in general be it from its production to its promotion, its appreciation or its conservation. Any relevant topics that might create a constructive debate and further our knowledge about the fascinating world of wine.

Useful information

This workshop includes

  • 3hrs workshop both theory and practical (12 participants maximum)
  • Wines (3)
  • Glasses
  • Tutorial material
  • Transport within 50 km around Bordeaux

This workshop can be opened to more participants.

For all specific requests ; (rental room, catering, accommodation, tariffs..), do not hesitate to contact us.