Vins Deux Mondes® serves as a natural bridge between the world of wine and Yoga

Beyond the representation of selected artisan vignerons, Vins Deux Mondes® has established itself as being the one-stop destination to seriously learn about wine yet with a difference; using Yoga to optimise your tasting experiences.
The method Pause, Breathe, Taste© offers via the Combination of two ancestral traditions the opportunity to enhance your senses and learn about wine  through appropriate yogic techniques.


Vins Deux Mondes® is an independent wine agency that works closely with vignerons to help them find suitable partners mainly on export markets. Tapping into an invaluable experience spanning over two decades in the wine trade, Vins Deux Mondes® is proud to have created some strong relationships


All the wines selected by Vins Deux Mondes are rigorously selected because of their ability to reflect a sense of place and a personality. Whether the wines are classified AOP, are produced organically, follow biodynamic principles, are sulphur free or whether they do not fall under any of those categories…they all share the same quality : they are authentic …. ‘Vin de Table’…wines made for the table!

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Wine & Yoga

A serie of wine related workshops, retreats and inspiring trainings to aimed at individuals and professionals alike. In addition to offering ‘SENSorials’ tastings Vins Deux Mondes® has created. Pause, Breathe, Taste©, a unique approach to tasting based on the Yoga principes. Aimed at professionals involved in the sale and promotion of wines Pause, Breathe, Taste© day-long training give you the confidence to learn an innovative and unique method to taste and to sell differently. Acquire the valuable knowledge behind Vins Deux Mondes® innovative tasting method and apply to your promotional activities. NO postural yoga involved!
Life of Balance ; Week-long inspirational journeys of memorable experiences in privileged settings. A lifetime opportunity to reconnect to your senses through Yoga practices and sensorial tastings.

Wine & Yoga

Private clients: Are you looking at organising a private event with friend or family in the comfort of your own home? Are you looking for a unique experience for your bridal or bachelor parties? special celebration?

Professionnals: Looking for a fun yet informative way to entertain your team or your customers? To integrate as part of a work seminar, team building exercise?

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June 2019: Vins Deux Mondes® collaborated with the Bordeaux Wine Council leading  a tour for US Sommeliers exploring Bordeaux wine regions and restaurants.

September 2019 : Vins Deux Mondes® is increasing producers presence on export markets thanks to its distinctive and qualitative wine portfolio.


November 2019 : Vins Deux Mondes® presents Pause,Breathe,Taste©: the innovative way to taste, in New York in front of a trade audience.


November 2019 ; Life of Balance retreat in Ubud, Bali

A week long retreat filled with inspiring activities in an exquisite environment..
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A unique opportunity to withdraw from the busyness of the mind and explore our senses through the practice of Yoga and a sensorial wine tasting.

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