Quality from sourcing to selling


VINS deux MONDES® works with vignerons from France and beyond, mainly on export markets with reputed importers and distributors who are looking to source wines that scream of  authenticity and offer sincere quality price/ratio.

Be they certified organic, biodynamic, natural, or from conventional viticulture, be they falling under AOP or not, all the wines represented by VINS deux MONDES® are selected because they offer a real pedigree, a unique profile, style and identity that speak to the trade, restaurateurs and end-consumers alike. The wines are selected because they express qualities that make them true Vins de Table… wine to be enjoyed at the table!

VINS deux MONDES® is proud of the longterm relationships with producers, some dating over twenty years.

With a solid experience in sourcing and buying wines for trade customers, restaurateurs, and resellers.  Wines are sourced to meet clienT requirements. Through trusted relationships with both producers and customers. VINS deux MONDES® works to a high standard to ensure all relevant parties are satisfied, from the sourcing to the servicing!

Wine regions both established and lesser known are regularly visited to discover hidden wine jewels be they from acclaimed vignerons or from the new generation of wine growers.


When rigorously selecting wines VINS deux MONDES® ensures they all share the same common thread; they ought to be the sincere expression of where they come from. The vignerons are genuinely passionate about making wines with a real typicity and identity.  Qualities that are translated in the bottles.

The aim is to provide you with:

  • a sourcing of high standards based on established experience on the grounds
  • a sourcing to meet customers’ requirements whenever specificities are requested
  • a strong expertise in buying/negotiating ensuring a fair and longlasting relationship with the parties is involved
  • feedback and efficient follow up on what is happening on the grounds
  • the opportunity of delegating your sourcing to a trusted entity, allowing you to redirect your focus on supporting your sale effort
  • added value to your customers far afield through supporting in the organisation of wine trips for sales teams & restaurant staff to help support your work and inherently boost your wine sales.
  • WSET trainings that can be delivered in a specific wine region with producers visits included. Trainings are delivered in English or French and can be organised in selected wine properties.

Wine is definitely linked to culture, art de vivre and a source of immense pleasure. Finding the right wine is not to be left to chance! VINS deux MONDES® expertise is there to help you find the wines that will delight you and your customers senses.

If you wish to receive a complete list of the partners growers or have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.


Bonvida (Canada) – AB Pompette (Sweden) Procura (Norway) –  Atom Wines (Denmark) – The Wine Society (UK) –  The Independent Vintner (UK) – Vila Viniteca (Spain) – Millisimi SRL (Italy) – ProVin (Taiwan) – WeaWine (Singapour) – Magnum Wines (China)- Simdi (Maldives) Mundo Enologico (Mexico) –  Le Petit Ballon (France)- Fromagerie Beaufils – (France) – La Cité du Vin (France) Etc.



VINS deux MONDES® works primarily with importers and distributors on the export markets, and works towards establishing respectful and longlasting business relationships.

Customers are delighted by the wines not only for the quality of the product but also for our professional approach and understanding of the market.   

VINS deux MONDES® aim is to represent with the utmost care of the wines and domains, and provide you with:

  • the benefit of a sale person
  • access to markets that you might not have explored before due to a lack of time, etc.
  • access to a wine professional to best promote your wines and domain for any fairs, or customers trips you may not be able to attend
  • access to a certified WSET wine educator that can organise trainings for your workforce. Trainings are certified and delivered in English. Visio possible.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us