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Lucas Rieffel has been at the helm of this family domain since 1996, taking over from his father André. A great advocate of biodiversity his 10ha domain became organic certified since 2012.  In his younger age Lucas went at good school learning from the greatest in the region not least André Ostertag; In him, he found an inspiring mentor. Yet, Lucas is a grower with his own personality that shows in the wines. He has in recent years started to produce wines ‘nature’ which have proved successful in retaining the attributes of their origins. His production is from vines planted on a variety of soils from sandstone, clay, marl, granite to limestone soils each. The single Grand Cru vineyard sites come from Wiebelsberg, Zotzenberg & Kirchberg de Barr. Vinification is a traditional blend of ‘foudres’ and stainless-steel to express the quintessential fruit purity in each offering.

Weingut Heinrichshof – www.weingut-heinrichshof.de

Peter and Ulrich Griebeler are brothers and winemakers whose names are becoming well-known for their Mosel Riesling which represent wines of pristine quality. Two young winemakers with a wealth of knowledge having studied winemaking and worked at two of Germany’s most famous estates, Schlossgut Diel in the Nahe and Fritz Haag in the Mosel, before deciding in 2014 to return to their family estate in Zeltingen. A small 6 hectare estate which has the great advantage of owning some fantastic sites in the renown steep slopes of Sonnenuhr and Schlossberg. An artisan German producer making pure Riesling that allied great harmony between its natural sweetness and characteristic Mosel slatey minerality. Peter’s focus is on making wine that are as dry as naturally possible to enhance the quality attributes of each terroir.

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