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” As you know, the success in an exam is based on your invested time, and your learning efforts… but not just that!! “

After completing Level 2 successfully, things usually get tougher with Level 3 where you are required to write answers, among other things. Knowledge has accumulated during the time spent studying. Nevertheless, in order to pass Level 3 applying this knowledge also requires an understanding of the expectations of the exam. This will help organise your knowledge and articulate effective answers.

One of the comments often shared by WSET trainers/examiners is that students do not answer the questions asked. Anxious to ‘regurgitate’ knowledge eagerly acquired, the answers are sometimes incomplete or are often off topic. The knowledge is there, but poorly exploited therefore it does not achieve the holy grail of success.

WSET training requires rigor, regular personal work, and a level of good organisation. VINS deux MONDES® can offer you some support as to prepare you to make the most of your learning experience and providing you with a greater chance of success for your exam.

You are currently being wine trained or have to retake the exam and you want to have…

  • “One-Time” support to ensure a better understanding of exam expectations
  • “In-Depth” regular follow-ups with examination conditions for concrete support.

Be sure to book your personalised coaching well in advance of the exam date to ensure a better chance of success.

The support sessions is delivered via Zoom and  available in French and English.

Details for the “One Time” and “In Depth” support are as follows: