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Champagne and Sparkling


Champagne Voirin-Jumel – Cramant – A recoltant-manipulant located in the Grand Cru village Cramant which literally means « chalk mount’’. This maison is the union of two families who now own 13 ha in top sites in Cramant, Avize, Chouilly, Oger but also Verneuil and Mareuil-sur-Ay for their Pinot Noir. In 1945, The Voirin made their first cuvée and the Jumel bought some vineyards. The Voirin Jumel brand is launched in 1967 and since 1980, brother and sister Patrick and Alice Voirin aptly manage the domaine.

Champagne Michel Genet –  Choilly –

The Genet family had tended vines in Chouilly for several generations before Michel Genet decided to set up his domain in 1965. Today, his children Vincent, Agnès, and Antoine, continue to run the 9ha domain with great aptitude. Their Champagne is increasingly gaining recognition both amongst their peers and in the wine trade. The Genet family sees themselves as grower Champagne close to their land.

Raphael Midoir –

Raphael Midoir represents the 5th generation of this family-owned Domaine of 27ha in the heart of the region. He produces Sauvignon Blanc wines with classic varietal profile whether under the AOP Touraine, Menetou Salon, Sancerre or Pouilly Fumé. With vines aged between 5 to 35 years, the work in the vineyard is made scrupulously to optimise ripeness whilst retaining an adequate fruit and structure balance so important in the region.

Raventos I Blanc – Organic Biodynamic

In 1888, Manuel Raventós Doménech created a sparkling wine from Penedés featuring three native varieties: Xarel·lo, Macabeu and Parellada. Over a century later, the descendants are still a strong advocate for respecting  the environment. They decided to leave the CAVA appelation in their quest to produce world class sparkling wines that best express the quality of their terroir. Raventos I Blanc is certified biodynamic and highly respected  worldwide for their excellent range of wines.

Burgundy wine


Domaine du Colombier –

A family estate that has been producing Chablis wines for several generations. The ability of wines to express a real identity with fruity and minerality delight importers and restaurateurs alike and this … at reasonable rates!

Taste the range of wines of the Mother brothers and be impressed by the irreproachable quality price ratio of their whole offering !

Domaine Ghislain Kohut

Ghislain is part of the new generation of winemakers who have helped grow the appellation by the quality of wines produced. The particularity of Ghislain wines lies in the fact that it wants to be able to offer wines that can start to be appreciated as soon as they are released on the market. This is refreshing when we start to see way too young Burgundy wines on restaurant tables. The wines are kept until 24 months for better integration between fruits and élevage. Whether white or red the wines are precise. Les Genelières wines display delicate notes whilst Les Champs Perdrix are more serious but all the wines reveal the complexity of their sites.

Domaine Henri Magnien –

Charles Magnien took over in 1999, bringing to the Domaine an incredible momentum which means that today, we can not talk about Gevrey serious producers without counting on the wines of Charles. Viticulture has been part of the Magnien family since the beginning of the 18th century and the Magniens have over the decades acquired plots on most renowned climats. Whether on the Lavaux St Jacques, Estournelles St Jacques, Cazetiers, Champeaux, and Ruchottes (the only producer with vines on both Haut and Bas Ruchottes), the wines of the domain are nowadays increasingly sought after. From the limited produced Bourgogne Pinot Noir Les Moutiers to the Villages all the way to the Cru Charles wines are making their marks are indisputably part of the top league.

Domaine Alain Michelot

Located right in the heart of the appellation, this family domain has been aptly run by Elodie Michelot for over two decades. Elodie represents the fourth generation. The vineyards spread over 7ha in Nuits-Saint-Georges and the family also owns just half a hectare in Morey Saint Denis. Since 2010, Elodie and his team have also been entrusted to look after a parcel and make wines from a most suitably located plot in Clos Vougeot. The style of the wines is a nice contrast to what the appelation has tended to offer over the last decades. With half the holdings in 1er Cru, the wines display all the attributes from such respected Climats and reflect their origins yet with grace and an quintessential harmony between fruits and structure. The tanins are beautifully integrated and the wines beautifully textured.

Domaine Rémi Jeanniard

A family estate of 6ha held by Rémi and his wife Maryse. After a stint working at Domaine Ponsot Rémi decided to concentrate on the family domain, making wines that reflect his personality ; discreet but certainly not lacking in self-confidence. Staying away from easy consensus the wines here are naturally elegant yet far from being fragile. The Ruchots are south of the appellation going towards Chambolled with vines nicely situated between the Clos de Tart and Les Bonnes Mares. The Ormes are further north when heading towards Gevrey.

Maison JanotBos

Thierry Janots is French and Richard Bos Dutch. They knew each other during their oenology study in Beaune in the 1990s, and decided to create their JanotsBos négoce in 2005. Thierry has been able to use his years as an winemaker in some of the top notch domains of the Côte de Beaune, while Richard (also a traiend winemaker) supervises their contract growers ensuring the work in the vineyards is done as per their strict quality standard. The wines have in the last few years displayed a greater fruit precision and personality

Domaine Jacques Carillon

The Carillons are winemakers in Puligny Montrachet since the 16th century. The domain is widely respected and sought after for the pristine minerality and sincerity of the wines produced by Jacques Carillon. The wines, far from being demonstrative, nevertheless demonstrate their mineral intensity, the richness of the great terroirs and the accuracy of a minimalist winemaking intervention. All the wines produced come from the family vineyards of Jacques and his wife Sylvia.

Domaine Roche Guillon

A family estate in the heart of Cru Fleurie, which produces Beaujolais wines very attractive and exquisitely Gamay. The Gamay is here taken very seriously by Bruno and Valérie Coperet who represents the fourth generation to exploit their 9 hectares of vines. The wines produced Beaujolais Villages, Fleurie and Morgon present an uncompromising style where the Gamay can express itself with accuracy.

Domaine des Nugues

A different style of Beaujolais wines with a longer aging that allows to offer a more savoury style to this Cru. The domain also produces a white Beaujolais Villages that is a huge hit with sommeliers and consumers alike. White Beaujolais is rather a rarity in the appellation but in the hands of Giles Gelin, a Chardonnay that has nothing to be shy about and one that can easily compete with the Chardonnays of their neighbors further north.

Rhône wine


Domaine André Francois –

This area of ​​4ha was established in the late 1980s and produces wines from the Côte Rotie whose Syrah expression is enhanced by an elegant and non-intrusive vinification and ageing. The Roziers and more recently the Rochins are two localities with limited production but with enormous potential.

Domaine Jean Michel Gerin –

The family domain located in Ampuis was founded in the early ’80s by Jean Michel Gerin’s grand-father and father. The domain started to bottle their own production later in that decade but it was Jean Michel’s drive and enthusiasm for the Côte Rotie appellation that got this domain well established on the wine world map. The wines once known to reflect Jean-Michel’s keeness for new oak (as did at the time the whole of the appellation) are nowadays more subtle -the oak is still used but exhibiting greater integration- and display a refined balance between the power of the northern rhone Syrah and the quintessential complex purity of the appelation. The wines are 100% Syrah (bar the Champine that has a bit of Viognier) and fully destemmed. They are decidedly assertive wines that nicely strike a balance between showing the attributes of their respective lieux-dits and great personality. Wines that require uncompromising attention. The domain in the last few years extended their offering with great gusto to Saint Joseph and serious Vin de France.

Domaine Pierre Gonon – Organic

One of the emblematic domains of the appellation. Founded in 1956 by Pierre Gonon Sr., the exploitation was taken over in 1989 by the sons Pierre and Jean and the area of ​​6ha to support and establish the quality and reputation of the wines. The vines are meticulously worked and the wines are a pure expression of what the appellation can express better.

Domaine Christian Rouchier – Organic–

A recent domain but with old parcels of vines right in the heart of Saint Jean De Muzols. Christian decided to leave his day job to work on the vineyards of the family estate (from his wife’s side) to produce artisan wines; Le Luc and La Chave. Christian wines are increasingly being recognised with a growing following (as much as his tiny production can allow, afterwards this is a 1,5ha domain !) producing wines with minimal use of sulphites yet without compromising on the purity and expressiveness of his Syrah.

Domaine Les Grands Vignes – Nicolas Badel – Organic conversion

The domain spreads over 7 hectares. Nicolas Badel works alone and tirelessly his 7 ha domain with the intent of making the finest wines possible from his terroir. His labels feature a reproduction of the Roman coins from 75 BC that were found in the Intuition vineyard during planting.

Nicolas is a engineer but decided to dedicate his life to vines and wines and starting from scratch in 1999 and since has established himself as as key producer in the region.

The winery is located near Vernosc-lès-Annonay, high above the Rhône tributary Cance. He made his reputation with Intuition a testimony to his commitment to expressing the best of his vines

Domaine Franck Balthazar – Organic

Franck is probably one of the most popular estates in the appellation. The quality of the wines is a testament to the meticulous work of this perfectionist winemaker. The area of ​​less than 4ha has become the essential address.

Domaine Emmanuel Darnaud –

The story begins in 2001 with 1.50 hectares of vines rented in the Crozes-Hermitage appellation located south of Tain l’Hermitage. The estate grows each year to today reach 15 hectares in the municipalities of La Roche de Glun, Pont de l’Isère and Mercurol (including 0.25 hectares in Crozes-Hermitage Blanc). Emmanuel has in recent years been able to access quality vines in Saint Joseph and not the least since they belonged to his father-in-law Bernard Faurie. High quality Saint-Josephs to complete a large-scale range.

Languedoc wine


Domaine de la Barthassade – – Organic

When Domaine de Trévallon suggested I check this domain out, I knew I was on something good!. Upon tasting and investigating, I was seduced by this small and recently created domain owned and run by young husband and wife Guillaume and Hélène Baron. Their vines neighbour that of reputed domains. A domain set for a great future whose wines will seduce sommeliers.


Domaine Cailhol Gautran –

Nicolas is the fourth generation of this 55ha family estate, which he runs with his wife Olivia in the heart of the Minnervois appellation. Located in the north of the region on the plateau de Cazelles; this area is on its way to be granted its Cru status with its distinct terroir attributes. Domaine Cailhol Gautran is set amongst the rolling countryside of the first foothills of the Massif Central. The hamlet of Cailhol lies in a valley carved out by a river – the Cessière which like the vineyards cut through the limestone Causse of the Haut Minervois. The altitude provides fresh aromatics whilst the nearby garrigue offers plenty of character and spices to the wines.

Bordeaux wine


Château Colombe Peylande

The lesser known commune of Cussac-Fort-Médoc was part of Saint-Julien until the early 1900’s with pedigree to match.

Fabrice Dedieu-Benoit is the 5th generation to look after this 6 hectares family domain. The wines exert classic Bordelais refinement without artifice.

Château Deyrem Valentin – 

Two sisters, Sylvie and Christel run with great enthusiasm this tiny 4 hectares domain in Margaux. This family domain trace its origins back to 1730 and enjoys the same soil geology of its illustrious neighbours… at a fraction of their prices!

Château Ségur de Cabanac 

Château Moulin de la Rose

The eight generation born into  a wine grower family, Jean-Francois Delon-seconded by respected consultant Eric Boissenot -crafts excellent terroir—driven wines from his family properties; 7,07 ha in St Estèphe and 4,80 in St Julien.

Château la Gravière –

A 12 hectare family domain in the heart of Graves, run  by  brothers Denis and Thierry Labuzan. Their wine hails from 30 years old vines with a rather atypical blend for the region that produces a fruit driven style of wine aged in 50 % new oak for 14 months.

Château Coutet – Organic

Château Coutet is established on the first hill of Saint-Émilion, walking distance from the heart of the village. It might be sharing the same location as his illustrious neighbours but here the terroir is definitely unique. One particularity being that the vineyard enjoys a meso climate allowing for an impressive biodiversity with the whole domain being organic certified. Handed down from generation to generation, Coutet has been intimately related to the David Beaulieu family for at least 400 years! The wines here are produced under massal selection and with varieties nowadays almost unheard of in the area. This is Saint Emilion as genuine at is should be not only with the work done in the vineyard but also in the cellar. And upon meeting the vigneron one can appreciate how passionate a vigneron can be about his land.

Vignobles Bouldy –  Organic

A small family holding of 8.2 hectares taking its name from Pomerol’s soils, which are composed of “Grave” (stones). The estate produces very consistent quality wines enhanced by owner Jean -Marc’s advocation to organic farming. Certification was obtained in 2009.

Château Jean Faux – – Organic

The vignoble is situated on the southern banks of the Dordogne river on slopes facing Castillon and Saint Emilion. Under the Collote family owership since the early 2OOO’s, Pascal Collote was in a previous life part owner of a respected cooperage company. With his expertise and the desire to create wines of typicity they enrolled Derencourt consultancy and decided to create wines organically and close to the expression of their terroir. The Jean Faux name refers to the first local proprietor of the domain back in the 17th century.

Château Fontbaude – – Organic Brothers Christian and Yannick are two passionate vignerons at the helm of this family property established in 1969 by their father. They were convinced about the benefits of organic viticulture way before gaining their certification in 2012. The Tradition is unoaked whilst the Vieilles Vignes are up to 50 years old and barrel matured for 12 months.

Loire wine

Bué Sancerre Loire-vin-deux-mondes

Château de la Ragotière –

Purchased by the Couillaud family in 1973, Château de la Ragotière is widely respected for making classic and consistently high-quality Muscadet wines.

Domaine du Val Brun –

Eric Charruau has never been interested in falling too far under the spotlight of critical press, yet his wines deserve better recognition. Eric makes genuinely appealing Chenin Blanc. The Cabernet Franc wines scream of purity of fruit, without the rusticity and green notes often associated with Cabernet Franc grown in the Loire. This is a family domain whose origins as wine growers date back to 1722. Eric also produces a delicious Crémant de la Loire white and Rosé.

Domaine de la Rossignole – Cherrier père et Fils

 The Cherrier family has been growing grapes since 1848 and making wines since 1927; The domain is in Verdigny and nowadays is run by brothers Francois and Jean-Marie Cherrier. Working with great knowledge and regard of their environment, they make very typical wines of their appellation that combines the quality of Sancerre’s different terroirs; silex, terres blanches and caillotes (chalk-clay). A Sancerre Rouge and Rosé are also produced.

The domain expanded their expertise to the Menetou Salon where they took over in recent years the ownership of Domaine du Loriot.[/fusion_text][fusion_text]Domaine Jean Marc et Mathieu Crochet

Those sophisticated Sancerre wines from the Bué commune offer a tauter expression of the Sauvignon grape. Made by father and son Jean-Marc and Mathieu. The wines best reveal themselves with food. The Chêne Marchand is a tiny production from one of Sancerre’s most reputed site. The domaine also produces a Sancerre Pinot Noir and Rosé.

Domaine Michot – Saint Andelain

Frédéric is the fourth generation of this family estate from the commune of Soumard in Saint-Andelain. This 7ha domain has vines planted on flinty clay and kimmeridgian marls producing aromatic Pouilly Fumé with the evocating silex smokiness.